12 January 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Sinister Sea Scamp

Uh oh, Tusky got lost. Then he got attacked by a serpent made of grass thanks to the Sea Scamp AKA Megamind. Aquaman turned the monster into a "tossed salad." Next, a coral monster struck, but he turned out to not be rock proof. On a roll, the Seas Scamp next created a phosphorous monster. Luckily Aquaman just happened to have a chunk of phosphorous with him. This monster was once again taken out by A-Man's minions. Suffering from the same spatial reasoning limitations as Kahn, Aquaman thought he could hide in the underwater canyon maze. But Scampy went in for the kill leading to his humiliating defeat. This episode was a dud!

Episode Count: 0132
Series Count: (22 of 36)

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