10 January 2012

Onscreen History of Iceman

As one of the original X-Men, Iceman debuted in 1963's X-Men #1. While in the DC universe, ice based characters tended to be plentiful and villainous whereas in Marvel land, the heroic Iceman is one of the only games in town.Just don't call him Frosty.

In 1966, Bobby Drake, the Iceman appeared for the first time onscreen as a member of the X-Men in The Marvel Super Heroes, on the Sub-Mariner, episode, Dr. Doom's Day.

In 1981, Iceman would be thrust into the mainstream as one of Spider-Man's amazing friends. In  Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Spidey, Firestar and Iceman formed a crime fighting trio that lived in Aunt May's basement. which doubled as their secret headquarters. His origin story was told in the second season episode The Origin of Iceman.

Although Iceman was a founding member of the X-Men, the 1992 animated series relegated him to guest status, giving him a central role in the episode Cold Comfort.

Starting in 2000, Bobby Drake was one of the focal character in the live action X-Men trilogy. Appearing in X-Men, X2: X-Men United, and X-Men: The Last Stand, Iceman grew from a student to one of the X-Men on the front lines in the third X-Men film facing off against the fire wielding Pyro.

X-Men: Evolution featured Iceman in 2001 as the unofficial leader of the New Mutants rather than an official X-Man.

In 2008, Wolverine and the X-Men made Iceman a main character once again.

In the episode Breakdown of Wolverine and the X-Men, a snowier Iceman was seen in a flashback sequence fighting alongside fellow X-Men founders Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast and Angel. 

Most recently, The Super Hero Squad Show gave Iceman a little love in the episode Mysterious Mayhem at Mutant Academy in 2009.

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