30 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Onslaught of the Octomen

I swear I fought these octomen in Mega Man 2. I will say, the inside of the octomen's palace was pretty awesome. Even though nothing really happened here, aside from Aquaman destroying the entire city of octomen, I liked it quite a bit. In fact, the designs throughout the episode were a lot of fun and the villains were a lot more interesting than some of the other "alien invader types." What I don't understand is why Aquaman couldn't just telepathically control the octomen.

Also, since Aquaman destroyed their city, where did all the octomen go? Did they all die? If not, you would think he would be a little more concerned about retribution. Instead, he kind of just called it a day and headed home.

Episode Count: 0123
Series Count: (13 of 36)

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