04 April 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Big Birthday Caper

Luckily, when the Penguin planned to steal a giant replica of the Trojan Horse using his flying umbrella ship, the Duo were able to launch a surprise counter attack as their "whirly-bats" emerged from the antique equine.

Later, Penguin was busy deducing the identity of Batman with a supercomputer. Even though it identified Bruce Wayne, Batman was able to scramble the computer making it also suggest a couple other options. As it turned out, Penguin was not a complete idiot since he still believed Bruce was the alter ego of Batman. So what did he do? Obviously, he threw a birthday party insisting both Batman and Bruce Wayne appear. Stupidly, Bruce showed up. Batman also arrived, but he and Bruce ran off together quickly so they could swap clothes. Alfred, who was posing as Batman, also brought a Wayne mask to continue the charade even though Penguins goons all ran of before they could sell the trick.

The real surprise of the episode was that the whole birthday bash was just a distraction so Penguin could steal that giant horse again. Why did he want a giant horse so bad anyway? What was he planning to do with it? The episode ended with Bruce's real party and Commissioner Gordon laughing at the absurdity that Bruce Wayne could be Batman. Har de freaking har. As I predicted before Penguin = bad omen.

Episode Count: 0175
Series Count: (11 of 34)

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