05 April 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Two Penguins Too Many

Considering even one Penguin is too many, I couldn't wait to see what this episode had in store. And was the Penguin in every episode of this series or what? I REALLY don't understand his popularity. Did people in the 60's just love his trick umbrellas? Even if he wasn't a flat out lame villain, he is a lame villain for Batman. What does Penguin bring to the table. He isn't psychotic, or smart, or tough. He is just an idiot who likes birds and Batman should easily be able to defeat him. Quack Quack Quack.

On to the episode. Fortunately, the Gotham parade featured both a circus and armed tanks providing the perfect setup for a disaster. Batman and Robin had to round up the wild circus animals let loose by Joker and Penguin. At one point Robin decided the best way to take care of the elephants was to pole vault and then FLY (complete with sound effect) onto the "boss's" back. Batman whipped a lion, and all was well. In the meantime, Penguin stole a tank and two penguins (too many?). Using a baby Penguin to sniff out its mama, Batman found the goons, and the Penguin curse continues.

Episode Count: 0176
Series Count: (12 of 34)

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