22 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Flight 601 Has Vanished

Dr. Sivana was back, this time with a tiny rhiny. Not only was there shrinking, and and alternate "4th dimension," but amnesia, and dino attacks. This episode really went for broke and pretty much broke. Just remember, in the crazy 4th dimension, the laws of physics are backwards... shrink rays make you grow, and I presume time runs backwards. Then again maybe time just exists whereas is Fawcet City which presumably has no time, all things exist at all places concurrently.

Then again, Occam's Razor suggests the writers didn't know much about physics to begin with. I similarly seem to remember Super Friends telling me the 5th dimension was the land of mirrors...? So, Uncle Dudley defeated a giant dinosaur with a water squirting flower and I officially wrote this one off. Mazahs!

Episode Count: 0468
Series Count: (04 of 12)


  1. Was this the one where they had to say Shazam backwards? That's all I remember from my childhood experience of Shazam. Aside from the Shazam T-shirt I had.