20 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Incredible Sinking City

The episode introduced two pretty significant villains. Although not too remarkable in appearance, Dr. Sivana actually coined the phrase, "Curses, foiled again." Mind on the other hand, even without the old PhD was pretty smart, especially for a worm.I admit, I am fond of the little guy who communicates via a tiny radio necklace. Cute and dangerous!

So, I am not sure what this one was really about other than there being a sinkhole or something and a bunch of worms. One thing is for sure though, Filmation got their money's worth out of the Shazam! transformation sequences which so far have been used about 5 times per episode. I also have quite a bit to say about the annoying Uncle Dudley but I will save it for another episode. Let me just say, I am starting to see why this is one of the few animated shows in the DC archive that has not been released, even digitally.

Episode Count: 0466
Series Count: (02 of 12)
First Appearance: Dr. Sivana
First Appearance: Mister Mind

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