23 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - MAD Presents: Extreme Superman

Oh dear. There are some genuinely funny MAD shorts, some that I will cover even if they never make it to DC Nation. This short is one of the worst MAD has to offer. From the ugly designs to the lack of "the funny," this was just a waste of the short slot for the week. At least it aired in conjunction with the release of Man of Steel... but c'mon can't we get something new. And by new, I don't mean more World's Funnest.

Quite a bit of the original 2+ minute short was cut for DC Nation including the Joker and Sinestro, but the main gags were kept including the exchange of Fortress crystals for a plasma screen and the opening of the Phantom Zone. Laugh it up.

DC Nation Short Count: 0074

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