18 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam!

The Kid Super Power Hour was comprised of two Filmation series, Shazam! and Hero High which aired in 1981-2. While the mighty Marvels appeared mostly on the former series' 12 episodes, 3 episodes of Hero High played host to guest heroes from the DC line-up.

Shazam! featured the exploits of Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and their "lame newsboy" ally Captain Marvel Jr. and introduced the heroes of Fawcett City to the animated realm after the the Shazam fam were licensed by DC in 1972. While the heroes were not actually purchased by DC until 1994, these 20 minute  80's episodes would help to cement the Big Red Cheese into the popular culture. I have not yet seen most of these adventures, so this should be fun!

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