19 November 2013

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Who's Who at the Zoo

Tawky Tawny, a Tony the Tiger wannabe who wears a suit and tie is given absolutely no explanation for existence. And even though I am sure there are plenty of other things that should have disturbed me, that still seems like a big one. Turns out old Tony also makes dinner for the Marvel family and he also has a keen nose. Whats also creepy is that at the zoo there are also tigers which are anthropomorphized, but naked. Nothing like seeing Tony the Tiger in his birthday suit.

The episode featured some monkey business (even using the term) when some zoo gorillas led by Allirog kidnapped Mary and Freddy and made Marvel too strong to fight... Good thing a super strong Billy Batson was still just weak enough to win. Lets just say that my hopes for this series are not high as this had a very Plastic Family vibe. Its a shame too because I like Captain Marvel, but this episode didn't exactly win him any new fans.

Now can someone explain why Captain Marvel Jr. doesn't say Shazam! to get his powers? And why did Captain Marvel throw an elephant into a baby carriage?

Episode Count: 0465
Series Count: (01 of 12)
First Appearance: Captain Marvel
First Appearance: Mary Marvel
First Appearance: Captain Marvel Jr.
First Appearance: Uncle Marvel
First Appearance: Tawky Tawny

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  1. I think Captain Marvel Jr got his powers because he was hurt badly in a fight between Captain Marvel and a villain.The Captain takes the lame kid to Shazam to ask for the Wizard to heal him. The wizard says he can share his power with the boy instead. Captain Marvel agrees to do this. The boy wakes up, see Captain Marvel, says his name, and is instantly transformed. He never got fully healed in his civilian identity though. I don't think it was ever discussed in this series.