27 December 2011

Spotlight on Captain Cold

Since 1957 Captain Cold has attempted to put the Scarlet Speedster on ice. Despite his Captain's rank, Cold has never reached the levels of popularity or recognition of the Batman's civilian foe Mr. Freeze - for whom he is frequently mistaken.

As a member of the Legion of Doom, Captain Cold frequently showed down with the Flash in the 1970's Challenge of the Super Friends.

Cold next appeared in the 1991 live action Flash TV series where he was actually presented as a bit more of a legitimate threat than any live action version of Mr. Freeze.

Captain Cold would return to his Legionous roots in 2006 on Justice League Unlimited where he teamed up with fellow Flash nemesi Mirror Master, Trickster, and fellow Captain - Captain Boomerang.

In the direct to video Justice League: The New Frontier, the Flash was once again shown out smarting and defeating the dear Captain.

Most recently, Cold was seen in the Superman Batman: Public Enemies film teaming up with like minded Icicle and Dr. Freeze before being zapped with a dose of Superman's heat vision. Hey, if you think Cold feels overshadowed by Freeze, it could be worse, think of how poor Icicle must feel. Who, you ask? Exactly.


Making a brief appearance during the final episodes of Smallville, Captain Cold returned to live action for his brief stint as a member for the series take on the Legion of Doom.

Cold most recently appeared among a gaggle of frozen felons in the opening minutes of Young Justice.

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