27 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Deadly Drillers

If for nothing else, you have to give Aqualad credit. He could have gone the lazy way and called himself "Aquaboy," but he classed it up a bit with the lad suffix, which begs the question, "Is there an Aqualass?" Google says no, but there is an Aquagirl. Anyways, believe it or not, there are actually two Aqualads. The first and best known was named Garth. In the comics, Garth began as a sidekick and then like Robin came into his own taking on a new hero codename, Tempest. He eventually died. The second Aqualad, just recently introduced, was named Jackson. Jackson happened to be the son of none other than Aquaman's nemesis Black Manta and yet he too thought "lad" was a fitting moniker.

In this episode, Aqualad was in rare form, he fell in a hole and was unable to get out even though he can swim and was underwater. Somehow, his foot got stuck. Even after his foot was freed, he still needed makeshift puffer fish to lift him free. The duo of Man and Lad were able to fend off an invasion of mole men and once again Atlantis was saved. It makes you wonder just how crowded the center of the Earth is since there seem to be quite a few angry civilizations living there.

Episode Count: 0120
Series Count: (10 of 36)

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