29 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - The Microscopic Monsters

Thank the maker, Black Manta and his Manta Men were back!

The episode opened with Aquaman demonstrating a gun that made things get bigger and he decided to enlarge some plankton. Rather than just shrinking them back down, he trapped them in a cave. Maybe the gun didn't have a shrink setting, but what purpose would it serve if it could just make things big? And why was this called "The Microscopic Monsters" when the monsters were huge? What was A-Man going to do with that gun anyway? It seems like its main purpose would be to make monsters and heaven knows there were already enough of those in Aquaman's ocean. Manta wanted then gun because he wanted to be the one to make the monsters. So he ladnapped Aqualad and stole the ray. But Imp broke the gun and Manta escaped but not before an army of giant plankton were unleashed. Luckily, their weakness was manta ray tail venom.

Episode Count: 0122
Series Count: (12 of 36)

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