30 December 2011

For the Love of Pete (Parker) Heres Another Terrible Glimpse of the Lizard

What in the world is Sony thinking? I guess they aren't ready reveal the Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man just yet, so rather than giving fans a decent image to pick apart we are left with terrible glimpses from marketing tie-ins, this time the culprit being Mega Blocks. The worst part of all of this is that the Mega Blocks image gives us the best look so far and all I can say is the Lizard looks ridiculous.

I am still holding out hope that at some point Connors goes full-reptile as this also crappy leaked image from comic con suggests because Spidey's Lizard definitely needs some snout.

I just can't believe that the folks are happy with a Pez dispenser being the first major exposure of the character to audiences, especially for this risky reboot film which really needs to build good buzz.

Even this concept art does little to instil confidence. All I am saying is that Sony could do a lot of good by releasing a single image of the Lizard where he actually looks cool, because in the mean time the evidence is stacking up against that possibility.

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