28 December 2011

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Vassa, Queen of the Mermen

Evil mermen, robot whales, the return of Mera! I must be in heaven. Mera got swallowed by a whale Jonah style unleashing the wrath of Aquaman. After sending a few waves of sharks to their death against the whale rays, Aquaman ripped apart one of the robots by hand. Electric eels took care of another and another one he rammed with a real whale. Funny how a flesh whale tore apart one made of steel. After defeating Vassa, "Princess of Whales" Aquaman just let her go home even though she vowed to return. Maybe Aquaman deserves some of the trouble he gets if he is dumb enough to allow his enemies to regroup and try again.

Although I found myself a tad "whelmed" by Vassa's performance here, I do look forward to seeing what rabbit she pulls out of her hat when she comes back for revenge. Hopefully more robot fish.

Episode Count: 0121
Series Count: (11 of 36)

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