03 July 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Curses! Oiled Again!

Catwoman AND Clayface! Quite an interesting match up. Throw in a little sexism against Batgirl and you have yourself a show. Not a particularly good show, but a show nonetheless.

Once again, Clayface also proved quite the master of disguise taking on the form of an eagle, a fish and a whale. Obviously this interpretation took some liberties with the character. So, I understand how Batman finances his operation. After all Bruce Wayne is a Billionaire. But What about Catwoman and Penguin. How come they are always showing up with customized submarines? Who pays for those? In this episode, not only did "Cats" have her own sub, but it even had a built in Cat-Plane escape pod. That couldn't have been cheap.

Episode Count: 0229
Series Count: (12 of 15)

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