06 July 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - This Looks Like a Job for Bat-Mite!

 Interestingly, this episode picked up right where the last left off causing me to wonder if the show runners weren't planning on changing the name of the series to the Bat-Mite and Friends Show. But alas, this was the series swan song (Do swans really sing?).

Zarbor's scheme was to capture the Dynamic Duo and reprogram them with mad science into criminals. He could have just borrowed some of Penguin's crime slime but maybe that would have been too easy. With his abilities, I am not sure why Zarbor needed to rob banks, maybe he just wanted to sully the reputations of his Crime Crusaders. Once again, the episode was a bit tedious and over the top, especially the part with the trio "street skiing" behind the Batmobile, but at least Bat-Mite served a purpose. And if BM is going to be in the series, I do prefer he actually do something other than just be the butt of Batman and Robins pranks... even though they did manage to lock the poor guy in a box even after he saved their necks.

Oh yeah, and don't call him "Brucie Boy!"

Episode Count: 0232
Series Count: (15 of 15)

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