02 July 2012

Bizarro Gets the Classic Treatment

Animator Robb Pratt has done it again. In his first short, Superman Classic, Pratt paid homage to the Golden Age Superman that appeared in the Fleischer theatrical shorts. For round two, the Silver Age has been added to the mix by introducing Bizarro to the formula. The result is simply amazing, I mean, it am horrible. 

The attention to detail is amazing with the original score played backward and even Bizarro's lines being recorded and spoken backward for a unique final sound. Following the 90 second short, Pratt promises to make more of these shorts if this one is well received. Lets make this a hit, I can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve.

Bizarro Classic

Superman Classic


  1. Thanks for posting this! Thought the first one was great! Wouldn't have known about the second one without you!