05 July 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Have an Evil Day

 Noticing this was a double length, two-parter, I settled in for something epic and was a bit let down. The first thing I noticed was that the evil Zarbor had relatively normal ears. Bat-Mite's cowl always made me think he had dog ears, but no. Which begs the question, why does his cowl look like that? Next, it was interesting that Zarbor classified Catwoman, Joker, Clayface, and Penguin as Earth's vilest villains. Not only that, but Penguin and Clayface were even given distinction over the other two. All I am saying is that if Penguin is Earth's vilest, we aren't doing too bad.

This is as good a time as any to ask, what exactly are Bat-Mites powers? Was it just teleportation? Because if he had other magical abilities, he sure didn't use them very much or very effectively. Zarbor could apparently also shrink things... but in the last seconds, so could the Mite. Aside from that, why was Zarbor so much more powerful than the rest of the Ergonians? At least this episode finally made Bat-Mite relevant. Most of the time it was really puzzling what his purpose even was. At least in the context of this episode having the character made sense and actually added to the story.

Even though the second half was an improvement (thanks in part to the random appearance of a gigantic robot clown), this was just a weird, overlong tale that didn't seem much like a Batman cartoon. I half expected the Jetsons to show up. Also, this could easily have been a single episode, or dare I say even a half episode like in the good ol days of the non-New Adventures of Batman. Lastly, how did Bat-Mites kin know him as "Bat-Mite" yet not know who Batman was?

Episode Count: 0231
Series Count: (14 of 15)

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