03 July 2012

Onscreen History of Beta Ray Bill

Although his bares a monstrous mug, Beta Ray Bill has the heart of a hero. In fact, Bill proved worthy to wield Thor's mighty hammer Mjolnir. Eventually Thor's new ally got his own hammer, Stormbreaker. Bill first appeared in the pages of 1983's Thor #337. Why the long face Bill? You are hitting the mainstream!

In 1998, Beta Ray Bill made his onscreen debut in the Silver Surfer animated series where the heroes teamed up to fight the might of Thanos.

A decade later, Bill appeared in the direct to DVD movie, Planet Hulk as a gladiator forced to fight the Hulk. Ultimately, Bill got pummeled replacing the Silver Surfer who filled that role in the source story. Bill was also shown by Thor's side in a flashback adapting Thor's first comic book appearance. 

In 2011, Beta Ray Bill and Thor teamed up in the Super Hero Squad show on the episode, The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill.

Most recently, Beta Ray Bill armed with Stormbreaker and Thor with Mjolnir teamed again in the 2012 episode of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes also titled, The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill. 


  1. He rulez! I hope to see him in a "Thor 2" or "Thor 3" live action! It must be awesome!

  2. Thor 3, Beta Ray Bill meets Thor, works with Thor to defeat Surtur. If that doesn't happen >(