02 July 2012

Crisis of Infinite Episodes - Dead Ringers

So let me get this straight. The bad guy was able to spot a maskless dude who was a "dead ringer" for Robin AND YET he was unable to identify Dick Grayson as the actual Robin. And for a strange coincidence, the doppelganger just happened to work at the circus as a trapeze performer. Never mind that this exact premise was done before in the Adventures of Batman's Will the Real Robin Please Stand Up?

With Robin taken care of, how was a Batman "dead ringer" also found you may wonder, well it turns out this was the onscreen debut of Clayface. Like the Chameleon a few episodes back, Clayface could shapeshift, but rather than turning into functional machines, Clayface could look like any person or animal he chose, or act like a car bumper. Where he got a transforming car, that's a good question. Maybe the car was the Chameleon. As if doppelgangers weren't enough, there was also a dose of Bat-amnesia (which he later "forgot" about - um... ha ha I suppose), once again possibly a reused plot point from that previous Adventures of Batman episode. On the bright side we got to see Robin do some acrobatics, and Bat-Mite actually helped. All things considered, not a terrible episode, and its about time.

Episode Count: 0228
Series Count: (11 of 15)
First Appearance: Clayface
Doppelganger Count: 0012

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